BEST SOLUTION Silver Gold Diamonds Costume Jewelry Cleaner 2oz Spray Bottle

BEST SOLUTION Silver Gold Diamonds Costume Jewelry Cleaner 2oz Spray Bottle

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You are viewing the BEST SOLUTION 2oz JEWELRY CLEANER.

This Jewelry cleaner cleans and polishes every type of jewelry including: Pearls, Opals, Silver, Gold, Diamonds, Turquoise, Jade, Emeralds, Platinum, and all types of Costume Jewelry. It polishes jewelry to the highest luster unmatched by any other jewelry cleaner. Dirt, grease, and foreign substances are gently absorbed and removed achieving an extremely bright, sparkling appearance. BEST SOLUTION will brighten and polish any COSTUME JEWELRY without causing harm to the finish. This jewelry cleaner has Antibacterial Properties and is safe and gentle, even for skin contact. It can even polish glass and plastic surfaces, resisting fingerprints and fog for up to a week (this item is great for cleaning a pair of glasses).

The BEST SOLUTION JEWELRY CLEANER is a 1 Step Cleaning Solution Process. There is no need for machines or other chemicals. All you need is cold water to rinse the jewelry pieces when you are finished.


  • Glass & Plastic - Spray on all sides, wipe off, and then buff with soft cloth.
  • Opaque Stones - Spray on, rub softly, rinse with cold water, and dry.
  • All Other Jewelry - Spray or soak, brush well with soft tooth brush, rinse with cold water.

We have for sale different sizes of the Best Solution Jewelry Cleaner. And for your polishing needs, we also offer the Best Solution All In One Polishing Cloth.